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IGUE Vol II goes POD--by Amazon fiat!

My second backgammon book, In the Game until the End, Vol II, was written in 2014, in the antiquarian era when an author needed to engage a print shop to generate copies of his creation, which were then forwarded to a publisher for distribution.

I followed the program. IGUE II was printed with a nifty "flexibound" cover by, which supplied various retailers including Amazon. My Amazon book supply was stored at an Amazon warehouse somewhere, and I mostly ignored the nuances of inventory maintenance in the years that followed.

But a few months ago a would-be-purchaser advised me that Amazon had begun listing IGUE II as "out of print." Alarmed, I pored through the latest notices I had received from the megalith and discovered that it had sent me several "reimbursements" for "lost or damaged inventory."

Had my books destroyed in a warehouse fire, been drowned in disinfectant to facilitate a COVID cleanup, or simply been trashed to make room for better-selling replacements? I never found out. My inquiries were answered in corporatese that roughly translated into: "What's the problem? We paid you, didn't we?"

Thus has IUGE II been reincarnated a POD book located at the inordinately long address

Still a great buy, especially for Euro backgammon students, at $29.99. You can also order a copy of the classic flexibound edition from the author at --I still have a stash & will send your copy with a personal inscription.

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